Doreen Butigieg
Doreen Buttigieg (b.1959, Malta) Doreen Buttigieg started her artistic career in 1990 when she started attending the Malta School of Art. There she attended various courses offered. In 1995 Doreen traveled to Vienna, Austia where she worked with the International Atomic Energy Agency for 5 years. During her time in Vienna, Doreen attended the Kunstvolksshle, she also attended various art workshops in figure drawing and landscape painting. In 2000 she started working on woodcuts and dry point. In 2006 she attended a lithographic workshop in Munich, Germany under the guidance of Eduard Schmid. In October 2006 she started working on etchings. Doreen attends various workshops in watercolour and in fugure drawing both in Malta and Gozo. However, Doreen is captivated by the printing technique, one of which being the woodcut, which continue to inspire her to create a diversity of prints. Her bold use of colour and texture influence her style and technique. She is inspired by her surroundings and captivated by the human form and colour. Doreen has exhibited in various collective exhibitions in Malta, Gozo, Bath and Vienna. Her first solo exhibition was at the German Maltese Circle in May 2006. This exhibition included twenty-seven original woodcut prints produced during 2003.
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