Chris Ebejer
Christopher Ebejer was born in the Mediterranean island of Malta on the 25 December 1979. At an early age he showed keen interest in the baroque heritage surrounding his native island that captured his fantasy and imagination. He has studied different forms of art from design, color and 3 dimensional realizations but he is mostly self-taught. For five years he studied history of western European Art which has introduced him with the great masterpieces of all time. Chris is graduated in film directing where he studied film making at Universal Studios in Los Angeles. Chris works as a professional Interior designer and has been commissioned to design expo sets to host such exhibitions. Graduated in classical and contemporary interior design from Sheffield school of interior design of New York, He has been working in creating concepts of Interiors by applying his flair for color coordination and knowledge of style with equal success to residential or commercial. His other artistic activities spans from feature films sets design and commissioned by fine art collectors. He also took part in various Art expositions and has been invited to represent his country by participating in Art symposiums and conferences internationally. In 2002 he designed the horse of Troy for the film ‘’Helen of Troy’’ for USA cable network .One of his creations in bronze stands permanently in the world's largest artistic park in Changchung City, China.
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