Charmaine Zammit
Charmaine Zammit (b.1978) aims at creating art in order to communicate to the viewers her imagination and emotions, leaving a space for their own interpretations. Charmaine Zammit studied Art under the supervision of: 1989-1994 - Mr. Alfred Portelli at Carlo Diacono J.L. Zejtun, 1994-1996 - Mr. Joe Micallef at the School of Art, Valletta, 1996-2000 - Mr. Lino Borg, Ms. Isabelle Borg, Mr. Joseph Paul Cassar, at the University of Malta. Career: Art Teacher After getting her degree in Fine Arts at the University of Malta, Charmaine started her Art teaching carreer and since then she teaches Art and Design at a state secondary school. Exhibitions: She finds time to paint and takes part in collective exhibitions organised by the Malta Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, Valletta of which she is a member. Although she takes part in collective exhibitions, had a joint exhibition with Audrey Buttigieg Cardona at Couvre Porte, Vittoriosa in 2005, and is presently taking part in another joint exhibition with Mark Schembri in Mosta, she never had a solo exhibition yet. Style: While spirals and contours emerge in many of her semi-abstract paintings, Charmaine is not satisfied with just one style. The only reason for looking at other artists’ styles is not to get influenced by them, but to find alternative styles in order to create her own. Preferred artistic medium: mainly acrylics on canvas or mixed media on hardboard Colours: Vivid and spontaneous
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