Alex Dalli
I once wrote somewhere that we should study the word of the critic and try to assess what he has indicated over the last decade or so. I suggested that he should have directed us in the right' direction, urging us to spend our hard-earned savings because, with his training, he has discovered quality and he feels that not only does the artist need to be encouraged, but more, he has serious news for the collector saying: Here, this is your main, do not hesitate. How wonderful if the critic is able to conduct us to an unknown genius. It is not genius that I am attributing to Alex Dalli. I have discussed art with him, and his sentiments are normal or average not angered, not soured, not hysterical and not ethereal. Had I never seen his work but only spoken to him, his artistic philosophy would not really have impressed me as did perhaps that of some other artists who have felt' and suffered' and seen' and so on. I may be treading on dangerous ground: I am convinced though, that what I see in this work is, in the main, truly valid. Where so often doubt has won the day and I have shrugged my shoulders, I cannot do that here. To make my point, I believe that Alex Dalli is a man with a heavenly gift - he can produce almost effortlessly what some strive for, train for, try for but can never truly achieve, and that is, in one word, quality. The essence of quality is a gift given, seemingly so unfairly, only to a few. If I said that the Muse had held his hand, I might seem that my personal enthusiasm was leading you astray: Dalli's work is better described by saying that he is economical to a point of sophistication which we should not normally expect from this man if we knew him at all; his technique, what technique? is irrelevant. I would put his work into Cork Street or the Paris Salon without a second thought, begging him only to say nothing not describe his feelings not his motives. The interpretation must be made by us: his work looks cerebral, and if it is, it is not a bluff. If we do not savour his gift, and a gift I maintain it is, then let us move on. If, on the other hand, we are touched, then I believe we are fortunate, let us quietly be thankful, and let us breathe deeply.
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