Marsovin has an extensive variety of wines in its portfolio from I.G.T wines all the way to Single Vineyard, Organic, Methode Traditionnelle and premium passito sweet wines. Due to the fact that Marsovin has been established for over 100 years, the winery has been in the fortunate position where it could slowly build up an extensive range of wines for different palates. These wines are classified either as I.G.T. Maltese Islands, D.O.K. Malta or Gozo, Single Vineyard Estate wines and Boutique wines.

Marsovin has been a pioneer in wine making in Malta during the course of its history. In the early 70’s Marsovin was the first to come out with a mono-varietal Cabernet Sauvignon , which at the time stood as Malta’s most premium wine. In the early 90's Marsovin planted its largest vineyard in the south of Malta, Marnisi in Marsaxlokk. This vineyard then produced two wines of noble character, Antonin and Marnisi both of which well known in Malta as two of the leading premium red wines on the island.

Following this Marsovin moved onto its next great achievement, the production of the first ever Brut, methode classique from the chardonnay grape variety, Cassar De Malte. This project started off in 1997 to then be launched at the Millennium.

Needless to say that in between these great milestones for the winery, Marsovin also introduced other very significant brands such as Grand Maitre which was launched in 1999, this wine  today is recognized by many wine enthusiasts on the island as Malta's most distinguished premium red wine.

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