About Grand Maître
The Collection of Grand Maître Wines comes from the private single estate, Għajn Riħana, with the fruit of each vintage being dedicated to one of the noble Grand Masters of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. The blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc generally produces very concentrated, full bodied wines of an intense, fruity, aromatic character. The aromas are of intense concentration of a black fruit character showing ripe, integrated, astringent tannins with an animal complexity of tar and leather combined with an oaky spicy character of cinnamon and liquorice. This wine can age further and is also a collector’s item reaching high prices.



Annata Fra Raphael Cotoner

Vintage 2014

Grape Varieties
50% Cabernet Franc, 50% Cab Sauvignon

The Vineyard
Għajn Riħana estate in Burmarrad. 1.6 hectares of land under vine. Deep alkaline soil with calcareous clay subsoil. Vertical trellis system with permanent cordon training for Cabernet Sauvignon and replacement cane pruning for Cabernet Franc. Controlled drip irrigation 9,000 vines per hectare

The Harvest

The 2013 vintage climatic conditions were characterised by a relatively warmer and drier Winter followed by a much cooler Summer than that of the previous year. 

Overall these conditions resulted in a slow grape maturity and a substantially higher harvest yield in comparison to the exceptionally very low yields obtained in the previous two years, producing an already very approachable and pleasant wine characterised by its typical fruity bouquet and velvety smooth tannins.



Destemming, 14 days maceration time, temperature controlled stainless steel fermentation minimum of 14 months of maturation in new french oak barrels.

Analysis of Bottled Wine
Alcohol content 13% vol superior
Total Acidity 6.0 g/l



No. of Bottles produced for 2014
5008, 75cl bottles
153, Magnum bottles
21, Jeroboam bottles