Grand Maitre
General Description:

The Collection of Grand Maitre Wines comes from the private single estate, Ghajn Rihana, with the fruit of each vintage being dedicated to one of the noble Grand Masters of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. The blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc generally produces very concentrated, full bodied wines of an intense, fruity, aromatic character. The aromas are of intense concentration of a black fruit character showing ripe, integrated, astringent tannins with an animal complexity of tar and leather combined with an oaky spicy character of cinnamon and liquorice. This wine can age further and is also a collector’s item reaching high prices.

Grape Varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon & Cabernet Franc
The Vineyard & Training Systems

Ghajn Rihana estate in Burmarrad. 1.6 hectares of land under vine. Deep alkaline soil with calcareous clay subsoil. Vertical trellis system with permanent cordon training for Cabernet Sauvignon and replacement cane pruning for Cabernet Franc. Controlled drip irrigation 9,000 vines per hectare

Yield, Harvest & Vintage Conditions

11,242 kg of grapes harvested

Yield: 44.5 hectolitres per hectare

The 2006 vintage was characterised by slightly cooler and wetter conditions relative to previous years with lower than average, mean temperatures throughout the year and beneficially high rainfall in the winter months. These conditions resulted in a higher than average yield.


 Destemming, 16 days maceration time, temperature controlled stainless steel fermentation, minimum of 14 months of maturation in new French oak barrels

Wine Analysis: Acidity: 5.0 g/l Alcohol: 13.5%
Peak Drinking: 2014 - 2016
Food Matches

Well flavoured, spicy dishes, spare ribs with Bbq sauce, steak with mustard and soy sauce

Tasting Notes:


App: Clear. Medium ruby rim, deep ruby core. Medium legs
Nose: Clean, Medium intense aromas of a youthful nature, soft and ripe black fruit: blue berries, red cherries, raspberries, delicate sweet spice: oak, vanilla, herbal: mint, lavender, fennel, creamy, rum and raisin.
Palate: Dry, medium – acidity, medium body, medium level of tannins of a soft and ripe nature, med level of fruitiness of black fruit, black currants, blue berries, prunes, raisins, oak leather, cinnamon, dill and fennel, gianduia chocolate. Medium + finish.
Conclusion: A well delineated, balanced and harmonius red wine. Creamy smooth texture. Velvety. Drinking well now. Can keep for 7 – 10 years.